When it comes to EMF, nothing is sacred.

When it comes to EMF, nothing is sacred. ... This a cell tower disguised as a cross:

While I was considering putting myself out there and launching an EMF business, I drove by this tower. I shouted out “Wait! Is that an antenna?!”. I turned my car around and behind the beautiful water feature beneath the cross, posted multiple warning and danger signs.. That was the moment I knew I had to do this. Sure, I’ve seen countless towers on churches and schools, but this took things too far! Not to mention this tower in particular has residential homes 160 ft away! I wonder if they know that is a major transmitter of microwave radiation so close to them, hiding itself as a symbol that we look up to for protection.

Towers support our devices such as cell phones, radios, televisions to function as fast and efficient as possible, and they are super powerful. These towers and their antennas are going up everywhere as telecommunication companies battle it out for the best service. Though we can make healthy choices within our homes, such as turning off cell phones and wi-fi; with the rapid expansion of our cellular network – it is becoming harder and harder to find relief from these burdens. As Ann Louise Gittleman writes in her book Zapped, we are exposed to as much as one hundred million times more EMF radiation that our grandparents were. It flows around us, in us, and interferes with the body’s fundamental functions, including the communication between our cells that tells them to grow, develop, divide and die; leaving us extremely vulnerable to a wide spectrum of health issues.

For the ever-growing need for us to protect our homes from external burden of radiation, the Geovital Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine has developed their T98 shielding paint.

By applying two coats on the surface of your bedroom walls, the shielding effectiveness is 99.999% (a protective attenuation of up to 50dB, and this at frequencies of up to 10Ghz). It also has exceptional performance at 20GHz which is so important as technology grows and develops. T98 paint is also an effective barrier to reduce the exposure to electric fields. If you are interested in learning more about verified and measurable solutions, such as T98 paint, please use the contact form and I will be happy to assist.

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