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EMF's are something the human body cannot see, hear, feel, or smell .... but they are everywhere. When I see someone blow cigarette smoke near my child, I turn into a primal mama bear, so just because we don't see EMF radiation, does it mean we should be OK with exposing ourselves and our children to it? No matter how hard I try, I cannot ignore my primal mama bear instinct when it comes to protecting my son from sources of EMF radiation, such as iPads, wi-fi, smart meters. The more I read, the more I experiment, the more I learn, the more that instinct becomes real. There's a reason why France bans wi-fi in elementary schools, there's a reason why children in Taiwan under the age of two are banned from electronic devices (and yes the parents are held resposible).

When I talk to my friends and family, or sometimes even strangers, and demonstrate with equipment on what is happening in the air around us – I see their natural instinct also kick into gear, and it is pretty cool to see people make smarter choices to protect their bodies. So, this is why I created EMF Essentials – so I can reach out to an unlimited amount of people. I promise, I am not here to shut down the technology era and put us back into the dark ages – I for one love the convenience that our fast paced world brings; but there are healthy approaches that we can implement to make a significant difference to limit exposure and allow our bodies natural healing to take place. So join me on my EMF adventures - I know my sidekick (pictured above) is excited!!

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