• 2 - 3 hours in-depth assessment of home, in particular sleeping spaces.

  • Measure electric fields, magnetic fields, radiowaves.

  • Assessment service available throughout Phoenix, Arizona; Service available in other cities (plus travel expenses).



  • 30 or 60 minute online consultation via Skype.

  • Review your specific home set-up and receive a multi tiered personalized recommendation of how to minimize/eliminate your EMF exposure.

  • Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments you can make. And although an EMF test is not required to get you to the closing table, you may want to know whether there are any unfixable sources of radiation.

  • Building a new home? Renovating? Adding an extension? This is a great opportunity to add shielding.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Speaking Engagements

I love sharing my EMF knowledge with as many people as possible. Please feel free to contact me regarding any speaking engagements, presentations, webinars, or workshops. 


Home Assessment

A home should protect the health of you and your family and this home assessment is an invaluable way to understand what EMF burden you have in your home. The assessment takes approximately 2 - 3 hours, with a primary focus on the sleeping rooms ... why ... because your body does most of its repairing during your sleep, and EMF exposure significantly reduces the ability for the body to do its job which can lead to countless health issues.
The assessment will include:

  • An EMF overview - we can skip this part if you want, but I would like to start off with a basic overview what EMF's are and how they affect us.


  • An assessment of your daytime space to point out the leading sources of EMF emission and suggested fixes you can easily implement.


  • Extensive measurements of your sleeping spaces to identify:

    -    High Frequency exposure, from wi-fi, smart meters, cell antennas

    -    Low frequency Electric fields, from electric charges

    -    Low frequency Magnetic fields, from stray current, wiring errors, 

          street & power lines


  • At the end of the assessment we will go through our findings - I say 'our' because ideally YOU and your family members will participate in taking measurements! A suitable approach consisting of measurable and verified solutions will be recommended.

       Standard Price:   $300**

       (up to $100 credit given provided if shielding products ordered at
       the assessment)

        ** For Phoenix, Arizona based homes. Please get in contact with me
        if you live outside of Phoenix and would like an assessment.

Online Consultation

  • Live outside of Phoenix, Arizona and would like support?

  • Interested in an in-depth review of your home set-up? 

  • Would benefit from a personalized recommendation of how to minimize/eliminate your EMF exposure?

       Standard Price:   $50 - 30 minutes
                                       $75 - 60 minutes


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Though most sources of EMF can be shielded through verified solutions, in some cases this may not be the case. Schedule a pre-purchase inspection today to assess if your potential new home has any radiation which cannot be addressed. You will also receive a  recommendation for the more commonly found types of radiation and the formulation of a strategy to address them.

         Standard Price:   $150 (Phoenix, Arizona)

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